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Артикул: L40533500/L377558001 Сезон: 2018 / 2019

Speed ??skiing and carving on a freshly smoothed slope just got easier.
The S / Max W 6 with Woodcore and titanium reinforcement is similar to the more powerful models in this series, with Carve Rocker and less stiffness, which makes cornering easier, and you can feel like a racer.
Level average Series S / Max W Geometry (mm / cm) 120/73/106 (155 cm) Radius (m / cm) 12 m (155 cm) Lithium 10 W.
Weight of one ski: 1.780 kg (155 cm) without bindings | 2.499 kg (155 cm) with bindings.
Construction and core Sidewalls Oversize Active Contact Sidewalls - Sandwich construction with ABS sidewalls: even load distribution, precise edge grip.
Woodcore Core - Wood Core: Optimum snow stability and strong recoil, with added forgiveness and reduced weight.
Single Ti Laminate - One titanium alloy laminated layer. Secure edging, efficient energy transfer and dynamic riding.
Powerframe Fiber - Fiberglass-reinforced construction provides power and stability with greater agility.
This reinforcement is optimized for trail riding - more feel, less fatigue.
Progressive Radius Sizing - the turning radius of the ski increases from size to size.
Progressive change of radius: simple choice of skis, adapted geometry, the size sets the optimal radius.

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