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Доставка по Києву: 80грн
По Україні: згідно з тарифами "Нової Пошти".

стара ціна 12999 грн
ціна зі знижкою в 40% 7799 грн
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163 170


Артикул: 315268/100746 Сезон: 2018 / 2019

girskі lizhі head V-Shape V4 SW LYT-PR + PR 11 GW

New! For navchannya that progress is one of the most beautiful models. It’s not too late to get a lot of hardness on twisting - there is a clear way to trim the easy control and read the arc on a small speed, see the "right turn". For the rakhunok of the presence of graphene in the design, it may not be very large, or, at least, it can be controlled at the middle and low levels. The design includes shock-absorbing inserts, which makes it easy to cure all the irregularities and limitations of the relay. Whenever they see and drive yak even more lightly - the radius of the turn is only 12.5 meters - at the same time the trim is done in a smart way. Rocker 20% і finish a good torsion - it positively influences the control, stability and kerovance in the middle and low speed. It is possible to recommend this lizha to the thorough lizhniks, as well as to the cob, who wants to lick the trochs for virist - the car is even more loyal and reliable. Fluidity Average performance mainstay of perfection Dovzhina 170, Radius bichny virizu 12.5 / 170 geometriya 132/73/113 (170 cm)


Construction: Graphene Power Sidewall Jacket;

Composite lodging core;

Strengthening: graphene;

Progynous: 20% Rocker Allride / 80% Camber;

UHM C base with structure;

Interface: LYT Base PowerRAIL platform

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