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Артикул: AA0027194/AD50018560 Сезон: 2018 / 2019

If you need to be able to work better and to lower your feet, our easy-to-use universal lid system with divvying on the road and universal mobility. Carbon Tank Mesh, sporty shape and big height of 77 mm, ideal for a tough snow. The model has a cap sidewall and a Light Woodcore core for lowering the car without a shock absorber. The model has an Exo Profile - a radical 3D-profile, which changes the overturned moment of licking and increasing the hardness for smooth rolling on the beat of the snow. Universalny licks for lazy rolls, easy control, so you can find a cobbled licker as an ace.

TECH FEATURES Exo Profile Carbon Tank Mesh Light woodcore Densolite Core Cap sidewall Structured Topsheet All Mountain Rocker 15/85/0

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