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Артикул: R-006 Сезон: 2020 / 2021

The Rail-006 goggles by Red Bull SPECT Eyewear are the ultimate addition to a top quality snow sports kit. The large lens offers an excellent peripheral view and has an anti-fog, anti-scratch, water repellent coating to offer crystal clear vision. Plus, 100% UV protection will keep you safe from glare. Meanwhile, the strap will offer complete security and comfort as you tear up the slopes.

Material: Lens - PC/Acetate; Frame - PC/TPU. Other - Foam; Elastic

Red Bull SPECT Rail-006 Goggles
Colour: Matt blue
Headband colour: White, red and blue
Lens colour: Red with ice blue mirror
Ice blue category 3 lens
Advanced ventilation system
Exceptional long-wear comfort
Lens with anti-scratch and water-repellent coating
Additional inside lens with anti-fog effect

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