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Доставка по Києву: 80грн
По Україні: згідно з тарифами "Нової Пошти".

стара ціна 1947 грн
ціна зі знижкою в 40% 1168 грн
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Артикул: ECU0148 917 Сезон: 2017 / 2018

zerorh clothing + Cycling jacket Prime Jersey black-fluo yellow

The thermal T-shirt is designed for those who are looking not only for convenience and comfort, but also expect functionality and maximum thermoactive properties from sportswear.

This model is made of polyester according to Italian technology.

The T-shirt breathes and wicks moisture well.

For the safety of the cyclist in the dark, reflective elements are placed on the back.

The T-shirt has a zipper. The zipper slides into the flap on top to prevent pinching and irritation of the chin.

Back has pockets for water and other essentials

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