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Доставка по Києву: 80грн
По Україні: згідно з тарифами "Нової Пошти".

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Артикул: L37815400 Сезон: 2015 / 2016

ski boots salomon X PRO 90 ANTHRACITE / BLACK / ACIDE GREEN

Salomon X Pro 90 are ski boots that are a hit from the line for multi-purpose, because the rigidity of 90 units can be suitable for experts who prefer to ride for fun without undue stress and for beginners who will improve in the near future. and do not want to buy new shoes again in a season. Twinframe will help the shoe to sit exactly on the foot without undue discomfort. The basic black color will give the chance to pick up easily under Salomon X Pro 90 a ski suit.

Pad width: 100 mm;
Stiffness: 90 units;
Valenok: My Custom Fit 3D Sport. Good dynamics, adaptable rigidity;
Strap: 35 millimeters;
4 clips; (Aluminum) micro regulation;
Custom Shell cuff;
My CustomFit 3D Sport liner;
Bi-material PU upper cuff;
3D buckle;
Articulated sensitized;
Twin frame;
24 mm oversized pivot;
stiffness adjustment Flex adjuster.

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