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Доставка по Києву: 80грн
По Україні: згідно з тарифами "Нової Пошти".

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Артикул: RBG3130 Сезон: 2017 / 2018

ski boots rossignol ALLTRACK 110 BLACK

AllTrack 110 revolutionary combines the accuracy of the track shoe and the versatility of the freeride, for mid-level beds. The new WTR "Walk to Ride" sole technology makes it easier and more comfortable to walk in the mountains, Posi Block technology allows you to move the shoe to the position of skating / walking with a manual switch. Improved foot coverage, comfort and precise foot support.As an insulator used Thinsulate, which, according to research, provides the best thermal insulation of all existing materials to date.Strong shoe soles are more resistant to slippery surfaces and less worn over time.

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